Both Sides


I draw inspiration for my music and creativity from Nigeria and America. I often find myself politically aware and feel the need to do my due diligence as a responsible human being to call attention to injustice and the shortcomings of our leaders and people as a whole. I learned from one of my greatest inspirations that "Music is the Weapon". Fela Kuti used his voice and music to fight for change even when the battle seemed lost and hope was starting to diminish. I believe in the power of music to influence change that benefits all. Studying Global Studies and Philosophy really opened my eyes to the world, and because the media does not cover the tragedies of the world does not mean we can simply ignore the chaos around the world. We as human beings can definitely do better. Tupac Shakur was also a big inspiration on my musical journey, definitely shaping my main musical style but also inspiring me to make music to change lives. I want to make music to inspire the world to be a better place, nothing is impossible and one song at a time change can happen. I also enjoy having fun with my music and stretching my creative ability and seeing what I could create next. This is my first project I am very excited and I truly believe there is something for everyone on this album. I enjoyed making this album it was definitely a creative journey and already looking forward to making more, I hope it brings you as much joy as it brought me. Thank you for listening.


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Both Sides

by Dipson

Both Sides, Two different worlds.


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